Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where in the heck is Governor Douglas

This is my first attempt at a blog, but if you are like most Vermonters you wonder what Governor Douglas does all day. We know he has an official schedule more on that later, we know he cuts ribbons and does that once a week press conference with the mainstream press, but what does he do the rest of the day.

Does he eat lunch alone at his desk, long walks with his wife in the Middlebury country side, hard nose strategy discussions with his growing number of state paid pr flacks?

This is a chance for all Vermonters to join me to give their thoughts on what Jim Douglas is doing today for Vermonters. Is he cutting a ribbon at a gas stations? Wandering the hills of Vermont or contemplating his legacy.

If you want to comment on Jim Douglas as governor, have a Jim Douglas sighting or have suggestions about how he can make Vermont better let us know.


Wally said...

Good luck Sam!

Sam Osborne said...

thanks I appreciate the support
have you seen the Governor today