Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jim Douglas "The Promise Keeper" ?

One of my readers asked “I was just wondering this morning whatever happened to the e-State initiative. What concrete steps have been taken to realize this dream?”

Well I decided to look into it. What has the Governor done to realize his dream of an e-state. His detailed plan is described in detail here:

During the 2007 session the Vermont Legislature created the Vermont Telecommunications Authority. The mission of the authority is described by Tim Murray in a piece on the Department of Information and Innovation website.

Both of these documents detail out what needs to be done, but has anything besides the creation the Vermont Telecommunications Authority really been done? Is the Vermont Telecommunications Authority going to end up like the Vermont Opportunity Fund that the Governor promised four years ago?

The governor needs to deliver on his promises. Taxes are not keeping businesses away, but the lack of a real telecommunications infrastructure is. They are not coming because they cannot get a reliable telecommunications with enough band width to run their companies.

This lack of real leadership on the part of the Governor has forced cities and towns all over the state to research building their own telecommunications infrastructure. Not only are we facing a digital divide from outside our state’s borders but we are creating a case of broadband have and have nots, right here at home. If the Governor Douglas does not stop cutting ribbons and start leading Vermont will not make progress for the future.

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