Sunday, October 21, 2007

Governor's Schedule

I have posted the link to the Governor's schedule so that you can find out what ribbons the Governor will be cutting next. Frankly I use the term cutting ribbons very loosely. "Cutting Ribbons" refers to any activity that the Governor undertakes that looks more like a reason for the Governor to be out and about.

Once you start to really look into his schedule there are a couple of things that really grab your attention.

The first is how does the lay person differentiate between a political/campaign stop and his work as Governor. Admittedly this has been a gray area for incumbents since the first elected office back when our pols wore togas instead of suits. Does a ribbon cutting at a gas station really constitute a political exercise or a recognition of the entrepreneur who raised the money to build the station and will be manning the pumps?

The second is the schedule shows the Governor is out and about, all over the state which begs the question when does he actually have time to work. Some of that work might include : meeting with his party leaders in the house and senate as well as with the majority leader to work on important aspects health care, tax reform etc.

The third and final question would be: "Where is the beef." I am sure all of wanderings are very important, but I want to know when he is meeting with house and senate leadership, talking with the Commissioners about issues facing all Vermonters.

We know that Governor Douglas is a good politician, but Vermonters need a great leader.


GrMt Tribe said...

Thanks-- This schedule shows quite graphically how shallow Mr. Douglas is. (An inch deep and a mile long). I wonder if he is capable of sitting in one place and focusing on a problem -- rather than gallavanting and preening to various captive audiences.

blacksmith said...

Thanks for the Gov's schedule. Hmmm, most of the items look like 'ribbon-cutting' events and some (Wed 10/24) are actually identified as ribbon cutters. I predict they'll stop using that term soon.